World list of schools of pharmacy

Join the FIP World List of Pharmacy Schools: Showcase Your Institution on the Global Stage!

As an organisation in official relations with the World Health Organisation (WHO), FIP recognises the significance of accurate and accessible data on health workforce education and training institutions. In line with the WHO’s efforts to enhance the availability, quality, and utilisation of health workforce data, the FIP World List of Pharmacy Schools will contribute to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage, Sustainable Development Goals, and other important health objectives.

The information collected from participating pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences institutions will be showcased on the FIP website. This opportunity allows your institution to highlight its unique strengths and offerings to a global audience. By featuring your institution on the FIP World List of Pharmacy Schools, you can enhance visibility and attract attention from prospective students, researchers, and collaborative partners.

To ensure the success and inclusivity of this global initiative, we invite you to complete the submission form for the FIP World List of Pharmacy Schools. We kindly request that the form be filled out by your school’s dean, head of department, head of pharmacy, or an authorised representative, as it includes questions about the pharmacy education programme(s) offered at your institution. Submit your information through this link: FIP World List of Pharmacy Schools. If you require any assistance or have enquiries regarding the submission process, please feel free to contact us at

We are eager to see your institution represented on the FIP World List of Pharmacy Schools and to witness the collective impact we can make as a profession. Thank you in advance for your support in advancing pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education!