In 2019, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) recognised the pressing need for a unified global platform that would empower all FIP members to engage, develop and support the global pharmaceutical workforce in areas across science, practice, education and workforce development. To address this imperative, the FIP Provision and Partnerships portfolio was established in 2021. With a visionary approach and evidence-based objectives, FIP collaborates with its members to identify transformative opportunities that promote advancements in pharmacy across all sectors and roles.

By offering an inclusive global platform for collaboration and partnerships among members and partners, FIP bridges the gaps in training and professional development. This means that member organisations seeking professional development programmes related to science, practice, workforce or education can now be connected to quality-assured programmes offered by other member organisations and partners. Through this initiative, FIP provides a dynamic avenue for sharing knowledge, expertise and resources, ultimately uplifting the pharmacy profession worldwide.

Central to FIP Provision and Partnerships is the is the Provision Programme. This refers to the delivery of various learning opportunities, including programmes, courses, masterclasses, train-the-trainer sessions and workshops, all intended to support and enhance the capabilities of the pharmaceutical workforce. It also encompasses the availability of content, structures or tools that others can utilise. These opportunities cater to diverse learning preferences and can range from traditional face-to-face events to cutting-edge digital courses, seminars and webinars, as well as blended learning programmes.

FIP’s membership comprises a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including member organisations (MOs), pharmaceutical scientific member organisations (PSMOs), Academic Institutional Membership (AIM), and individual members (IMs). With a renewed focus on fostering stronger regional and national engagement, FIP serves as a facilitator, enabling collaborative, needs-based partnerships and tailoring provisions that drive the advancement of pharmacy worldwide.