The FIP development goals, the Astana Declaration and global health priorities

FIP’s commitment to the Astana Declaration

FIP is committed to the principles set forth in the Astana Declaration, acknowledging the pivotal role of primary health care in the pursuit of universal health coverage. We recognise the necessity of equitable access to quality healthcare services, and this includes the provision of safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and health technologies. As a signatory to the Astana Declaration, FIP reinforces its dedication to transforming pharmacy for the betterment of health for all.

Our Provision Programme, with its mission to support and develop our members’ professional advancement and availability of top-quality educational and training programmes, is one of the key instruments through which FIP is actualising this commitment. The FIP Provision Programme ensures all FIP members have the resources needed to deliver the FIP vision and contribute to our global aim of ensuring everyone benefits from access to safe, efficient, quality and affordable medicines.

Moving from commitment to action, FIP is leading the way in turning these ideals into practical steps. This began with the first pharmacy Commitment to Primary Health Care in Amman, Jordan, in 2019, setting the stage for transforming pharmacy for better primary health care worldwide. FIP’s role does not stop at advocacy; we have proactively identified partners and members to bring together leaders and professionals across all regions of the world to progress this vital agenda and consolidate the role of pharmacy in the delivery of primary health care. The outcome of these regional collaborations will form a roadmap to highlight priorities for action and development, moving us closer to our goal of universal health coverage.


FIP Development Goals

The alignment of the FIP Provision Programme with the Astana Declaration and FIP Development Goals (DGs) underscores our commitment to fostering the growth and development of the pharmacy profession at all levels. The implementation of these goals, central to the global vision of health care, becomes feasible through the FIP Global Platform for Provision and Partnerships. This platform not only offers a potent resource for identifying the unique needs of various regional members, but it also serves as a strategic mechanism for driving our initiatives to align with FIP DGs.

In alignment with FIP’s mission, the FIP DGs facilitate the implementation of the global health vision regionally and nationally. The FIP DGs, established in conjunction with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, prepare the path for pharmacy’s transformation. The DGs address three critical elements of practice, science and workforce, and further offer mechanisms to facilitate and support the transformation process.

The programme’s foundation is built on DG3, which emphasises quality assurance, and DG9, which focuses on continuing professional development. By aligning with these goals, the programme ensures the provisions offered are of the highest quality and tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and organisations, thereby encompassing all aspects of the FIP DGs.