American Society of Health-System Pharmacists – ASHP

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Australian Pharmacy Council

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Bee Skilled

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Curriculo Solutions

“I found the programme thoroughly enjoyable and interesting. It allowed me to think deeper about how I perform as an individual in the working life alongside learning about the different working behaviours and characteristics other people develop. I strongly encourage the programme for pharmacists who wish to maximise their profession and are able to utilise their skills to create an all round structured working environment. Being a pharmacist isn’t just about the clinical knowledge. It is important to learn about the business side and know how to build your professional portfolio in a distinctive way that will help you stand out amongst the competition. This is exactly what the programme has taught me and I am now a successful community pharmacist with sufficient skills that will allow me to take senior positions in the near future”

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Empower School of Health

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Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Granada

“The course is great!, and it is for free!” 

“It (the course) has encouraged me to implement Pharmacogenomics.”

“It should be part of pharmaceutical care training at the pharmacy offices.” 

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National Association of Pharmacies (of Portugal)

“All videos of preparation of vaccines and injections allow us for learning so close to reality”

“This course makes possible to provide one of the most important services to the community in the prevention and treatment of diseases.” 

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Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado

“The live cases discussions with clinical pharmacy faculty were so valuable and my favorite part of the certificate programme. To have the opportunity to speak with them in a small group setting was very helpful and better for my learning comprehension.”

“I found the information in the modules extremely helpful, especially in monitoring CGM patients. I feel much more confident in helping patients understand their CGM reports and improve their diabetes treatments accordingly.”

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