FIPx Courses

FIPx is FIP’s online learning platform which hosts FIP-developed courses and programmes for FIP members.

These include courses and programmes that may have been co-created in partnership with member organisations or partners, or with our FIP officers and volunteers.

Digital health in pharmacy: FIP online course for educators and practitioners ()

This course is an expansion of FIP’s course on digital health for educators launched in 2022, redeveloped so that the first module of three is of benefit to practitioners. Module 1 covers digital health tools for pharmacists and related challenges they may encounter in practice. A certificate is awarded for completion. Participants may choose to complete two further modules, which aim to support educators to include digital health in pharmacy curricula.

If you are a member of FIP and interested in becoming a change-maker by embracing new skills and knowledge and leveraging a vast range of resources in digital health to empower and educate students or colleagues, register for the course here.

Substandard and falsified medicines online course ()

Open course

The course on substandard and falsified medical products for pharmacy students was developed in 2021. The course formalises and structures information available to pharmacists, covering the root causes of SF medical products, early warning signals, good procurement practices, working with authorities, and advice to patients.

To date, the course has been successfully deployed in universities in Cameroon, Senegal and Tanzania. The course is available in French and English and supported by a Curriculum Guide and is hosted on FIPx. The curriculum guide serves as a tool for education on SF medical products and can be adapted to the needs of individual training institutions. It provides practical tips and is supplemented with modules aligned with the WHO prevention-detection-response strategy. These tools were presented at a roundtable hosted by WHO in March 2022

The course is suitable for educators, faculties of pharmacy training institutions, health regulatory institutions and others who wish to meet their respective needs for strengthening pharmacists’ contributions to containing the SF medical products threat to public health. If you are interested in deploying the course, please contact FIP at

FIP Train the Trainer: Online course on digital health ()

FIP launched the Train the Trainer online course for educators on digital health in January 2022 with the aim of creating change-makers who will promote digital health in pharmacy education. The course was developed in alignment with the FIP Development Goals (particularly Goal 20 – Digital Health and Goal 1 – Academic Capacity), and in response to key findings from a global survey conducted by FIP that were included in the federation’s 2021 report on developing a digitally enabled pharmaceutical workforce. The course was developed collaboratively across several FIP constituencies and led by the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section and Technology Forum.