FIP Consortium

The FIP Consortium was established in January 2022. The Consortium is an advisory group comprising experts in quality assurance and accreditation of pharmacy education and continuing professional development. The quality of FIP provision, including applications for the FIP Seal, is overseen by the Consortium. The Consortium reports directly to the FIP Bureau for ratification of its recommendations.

Members of the Consortium

The FIP Consortium is made up of experts and expertise in quality assurance, including accreditation agencies who lead the processes underpinning the FIP Seal, working with provider organisations and agencies to assess the quality of delivery; ensures consistency and transparency of approach aligned to the FIP Seal; and gives final approval of a provider’s self-assessment against essential criteria (for a programme), stating whether the essential criteria have been met and, if not, facilitating what is required.

Bronwyn Clark

Australia Australian Pharmacy Council FIP Consortium, Chair

Abeer Alghananeem

USA Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences FIP Consortium, FIP Global Lead - DG 3

Jan Engle

USA American Council for Pharmacy Education FIP Consortium

Linda Hakes

United Kingdom Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences FIP Consortium

Prosper Hiag

Cameroon FIP Vice President

Elizabeth Johnstone

New Zealand Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand FIP Consortium

Paul Sinclair

Australia FIP President

Sandra Winkelbauer

Canada Ontario College of Pharmacists FIP Consortium

Catherine Duggan

The Netherlands FIP Chief executive officer

Dalia Bajis

The Netherlands FIP senior programme lead

Anna Domin

The Netherlands FIP programme manager