The FIP Provision and Partnerships Programme is a global platform established by FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) to engage, develop, and support FIP members through collaborations and partnerships. It aims to bridge training and professional development gaps by connecting member organizations with needs for development programs to quality-assured programs offered by other FIP members and partners.
The FIP Provision and Partnerships Programme was established in 2021 to provide FIP members with a platform for collaboration and partnerships.
The FIP Seal is a recognition given to partnerships that offer quality provision to support FIP member needs and priorities. It assures the overall quality and alignment of professional development

To receive the FIP Seal, programs and organizations must undergo an iterative process of expert consultation and meet the established criteria for quality and alignment with FIP's mission and goals. There are separate handbooks for program providers and accreditation agencies that outline the criteria and submission process for the FIP Seal.

The FIP Consortium is an advisory group established in January 2022, comprising experts in quality assurance and accreditation of pharmacy education and continuing professional development. It oversees applications for the FIP Seal and reports directly to the FIP Bureau for ratification of its recommendations.
FIP members can engage in the Provision and Partnerships Programme by collaborating with other member organizations and partners to address training gaps and professional development needs. They can also explore FIP-developed provision on the FIP online learning platform FIPx.
As of now, some of the programs awarded the FIP Seal include the Pharmacists for the Future Programme by Curriculo Solutions, the Diabetes Management Certificate by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the Vaccine and Injectable Medicines Administration by the National Association of Pharmacies, Portugal, among others.
FIP-developed provision models include programs co-created with member organizations or partners, as well as FIP-courses developed with FIP officers and volunteers. These programs and courses are hosted on the FIP online learning platform FIPx.