Vision and mission

Our vision

The FIP Provision Programme supports the advancement of pharmacy worldwide and seeks to ensure all FIP members have access to the highest quality education, training and expertise to deliver the FIP vision. It also directly contributes to our vision of a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines.

Our mission

The FIP Provision Programme engages, develops and supports FIP members’ professional development and promotes the availability of quality educational and training programmes that meet the needs of our members and organisations while leaving no one behind.

Our principles of delivery of provision

  • FIP provision offers a broad, relevant, and responsive content strategy.
  • FIP seeks the best models and contemporary forms of provision through digital and technological mechanisms.
  • FIP provision is delivered through partnerships and collaborations between members and partners or developed and delivered in FIP itself.
  • FIP provision is supported by the FIP Consortium to assure quality and alignment with FIP’s mission and objectives.
  • FIP provision is supported by quality requirements, criteria, and contracts.
  • FIP provision supports member needs and priorities established and supported through the FIP Global Pharmaceutical Observatory
  • FIP delivers provision in a variety of ways and provide a platform for online learning for members (FIPx).

Our values

  • FIP ensures provision aligns with FIP vision, mission, development goals and values.
  • FIP ensures provision quality is demonstrated by fulfilling FIP’s quality criteria.
  • FIP works in collaboration, not competition, with FIP Member Organisations.
  • FIP ensures the costs of development are covered but that these are not-for-profit endeavours, so that any revenue generated is reinvested.
  • FIP fosters engagement with members and partners in the delivery of programmes and services.
  • FIP ensures equity of access for all pharmacy professionals.
  • FIP will be inclusive to all our member organisations (MOs, AIM, PSMOs, Observer Organisations (OOs)), and all members of the workforce, who are members and all partners (e.g., sponsors).
  • FIP will enter collaborative partnership arrangements if accessibility and consistency are ensured for partners and members.
  • FIP will work through the FIP Consortium and in collaboration with members and partners to review and monitor provision activities for continuous improvement.
  • FIP places high value on the overall experience of the collaborative partnership arrangement.